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Bespoke Products








From time to time you may be looking for a specific display solution that is not generally or publically available or catered for by our standard product range where the requirements you have are unique to you, your branding, corporate identity, display situation or application.


Prestige Display Products is able to provide a comprehensive Bespoke Products service to work with you at every stage of the process from initial concept and design to manufacture, fabrication and final delivery of your specific requirements.


Whether you are looking for a 'one-off' display product or solution or indeed a large volume we are happy to provide a quotation on any quanitity you may require.  


If you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by simply clicking on the relevant contact forms below where you can provide details about your specific requirement or request a call back to discuss. 


We look forward to hearing from you.




Initial Design & Concept

To get things started all we need is some sort of basic line drawing or sketch showing the bespoke product you are interested in getting manufactured. This doesn’t have to be professionally prepared using CAD software or similar and we are happy to receive a simple freehand illustration which should include all relevant dimensions and measurements like the example shown here.



Naturally it would be helpful  if you have specific requirements or preference for the type of material you wish the bespoke display product to be fabricated in but if you are unsure of this we can liaise with you to advise and recommend which material(s) we believe would work best and be the most appropriate for your product and application.








Bespoke products we have produced for customers in the past include;


Floor Stands and Under Mattress Displays for Beds Specialised Shelf Edge Ticketing Display Holders, Crash Helmet Displays, Counter, Cosmetic & Jewellery Displays, Cubes, Bridges, Plinths, Showcases, Merchandising Towers, Cases & Cabinets, Lecterns, Newspaper and Magazine Racks, and many other specialist product display items too numerous to list here


We can produce bespoke display products using a wide range of materials including (but not limited to);


Acrylic, High Impact Acrylic, Perspex, Polycarbonate, PETG, PVC, Polystyrene and Foamex.  


The acrylic materials we use are available in a large variety of types, thickness and finishes including: 


Clear, Frosted, Opaque, Silicon 'Glass Look', Tinted, Coloured, Fluorescent Edged, Metallic, Mirror and many other special surface effects and finishes. 


Products can be flame, diamond or buff polished to produce a high quality 'look and feel' that can also help with the compliance of various health and safety requirements in everyday use..  


We can also personalise products by adding graphics, logos and messages through a variety of methods such as screen printing, vinyl transfer and engraving.








In order for us to clearly understand your requirement it would be beneficial for us to know how and where the bespoke display product will be used, its specific application and environment, that is, where it will be used to display a particular type of merchandise or information, if it will used in an indoor or outdoor location or perhaps both. If we know exactly what the intended purpose of the bespoke display product is we can ensure that it is fabricated to the highest quality standards fit for that purpose.


Options and Specific Features

It would greatly assist us if you are able to specify all options and specific features you require, for example, if you are looking for a bespoke PVC flexible display pocket or wallet we would need to know whether you require it to have an eyelet or multiple eyelets for hanging or attaching to merchandise, whether these need to be re-enforced or not or simply hole-punched, where these need to be positioned, and of course the size and dimensions of any ticketing or messages you intend to insert to ensure internal pocket is correctly sized to accommodate this. You may even require it to be configured with multiple pockets so it can take multiple inserts, or perhaps require certain colours, tints, anti-glare properties, or effects and finishes that we would need to take into consideration, as well as other relevant information such as quantity, delivery location(s),  etc, that will all help us provide an accurate quotation for you.


If you are looking for a product that requires material to be bent or shaped in a specific way then we would need to know all relevant angles for this, and similarly if holes need to be drilled, perhaps to assist with hanging on a wall, or other requirement we would need to know diameter of the relevant hole(s) and their position.



You should also let us know if you require any personalisation on the bespoke display product, ie, logos, messages, branding where we would need to work from artwork to incorporate these into final fabrication through various methods such as screen printing, vinyl transfer or engraving, and whether you are able to supply the artwork yourself or if it is necessary for us to prepare this.




If you can imagine it, we can realise it for you !!


If you have an enquiry regarding our Bespoke Product(s) service, contact us using the forms provided below.

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